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Jasper De Goeij

Jasper de Goeij

Partner Institution: PF

Country: Netherlands

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

A PhD from the University of Groningen, the current CEO of Porifarma has over eight years experience in marine ecology and sponge cell biology, with particular emphasis on tropical reef cavities (one of the targeted habitats for the SPECIAL project). Jasper de Goeij is an expert in sponge cell kinetics and received the prestigious personal innovative research grant (VENI) from the Netherlands Scientific Organization (NOW) in July 2010. His recent discovery of rapid cell cycling and cell shedding in encrusting sponges form the base of the sponge proliferation application to be developed within the SPECIAL project. His general research interests include: Biogeochemical cycling on coral reefs; Organic and inorganic matter dynamics; Coral reef cavities; Sponge nutrition, physiology (cell cycling), and ecology; Marine Biotechnology; Aquaculture.

Selected papers

De Goeij JM, De Kluijver A, Van Duyl FC, Vacelet J, Wijffels RH, De Goeij AFPM, Cleutjens JPM, Schutte B 2009. Cell kinetics of the marine sponge Halisarca caerulea reveal rapid cell turnover and shedding. J Exp Biol 212: 3892-3900.

De Goeij JM, Moodley L, Houtekamer M, Carballeira MN, Van Duyl FC 2008. Tracing 13C-enriched dissolved and particulate organic carbon in the bacteria-containing coral reef sponge Halisarca caerulea: Evidence for DOM-feeding. Limnol Oceanogr 53: 1376-1386.

De Goeij JM, Van Duyl FC 2007. Coral cavities are sinks of dissolved organic carbon (DOC). Limnol Oceanogr 52: 2608-2617.


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